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Ashwagandha in Sanskrit Called as smell of the horse, which refers to both its unique smell and ability to increase strength.
  • Achal ashwagandha churna is a holistic cure of your mind and body.
  • It keeps your body and mind active.
  • Despite the hectic daily schedule it provide relief from stress, anxiety and boosts your immunity and Overall health.
  • It Rejuvenate nervous system and helps you Regain strength.
  • Having antioxidant properties it provides quick recovery from ailments and revitalize your body.
  • Regular consumption of this immunity and Health booster Achal Ashwagandha churna helps from increasing immunity to improve mind performance and Restore and Balances your physical And emotional Health.
  • It is Beneficial For Everone from Teens to Oldies.

12 Clinically Proven Benefits

No More Stress

Ashwagandha Well known for its Adaptogenic properties that helps maintain balance and Ease stress and Anxiety & Helps alleviate depression.
  • It is a Naturtal Stress Buster
  • So Start Consume Achal Ashwagandha Churna and Say BYE TO STRESS

Mind Performance Booster

Achal Ashwagandha Churn Boosts Your Mind Power & ultimately makes Your Mind Performance active and Better.
  • Promotes Antioxidant Activity that protects nerve cells from harmful free radicals. & improve brain function, including memory
  • It Also improves reaction time, and tasks perform ability .

Reduce Cortisol Levels & Balance Harmones

  • During Menopause It control hormonal fluctuations & Give relief from mood swings and hot flashes Etc .
  • Achal Ashwagandha Churn Helps stabilize stress hormones in the body and manage Mood Swings By Working On endocrine system.


Immunity Booster EXPERT

  • Achal Ashwagandha Churn Helps Building Anti-Bodies & Fighter Cells in our Body.
  • It Boost immunity Naturally.
  • ConsumIng Achal Ashwagandha Churna improve your health and quality of life.

Neuro-Muscular Strength

  • Achal Ashwagandha Churan improves the Neuro-Muscular weakness.
  • Helps maintain a healthy balance between the nervous system, endocrine glands.


Promotes Vitality, Strength & Stamina

It Increase sexual health by uplift the mood, energy level & Vitility.
  • This increases the antioxidant levels & blood flow Which helps in Boost Stamina
  • It Boost sperm count and motility in Men .
  • IT Maintain Testosterone Levels in men and estrogen in women for Reproductive Health.

Maintain Body Weight

If You Are Thin Then
  • It increase muscle mass and strength & improve body composition & Make you Fit .
If You Are With Excess Body fat Then
  • Ashwagandha reduce body fat, and Improve muscle mass and make You Fit.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes affects More to Women Dealing with due to hormonal imbalances, on menstrual cycle.
  • Ashwagandha reduces sugar cravings and help controlling the body Sugar Levels.
  • It reduces blood sugar levels By Boosting insulin secretion and its sensitivity.

Have anticancer properties

  • Ashwagandha have biological active compound Withaferin Which Kills tumor cells
  • Thus can Also Used as Supportive medicine to treat several types of cancer.


Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides

  • Having Highly Anti-Inflammatory Properties , Ashwagandha helps Improve Heart Health by reducing Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels.
  • It significantly decreases levels of these blood fats.


Reduce Inflammation

  • Ashwagandha has seen very effective in increase natural killer cell activity and decrease markers of inflammation.



Prevents Melanin Loss

  • It prevents melanin loss which Will save you from the premature greying of your beautiful hair.
  • Also Washing your hair with ashwagandha Water Reduce Hair Fall.



Suggests Tasty & Herbal Recipe :


Brew your cup of health with the Achal Ashwagandha Churna

  • Boil a glass of milk.
  • Add ¼-½ scoop of the Achal Ashwagandha Powder and mix well.
  • Add a natural Suger (Khand) or Honey to your taste.
  • Pour it in your favourite mug or cup.
  • Just Hold it in your hands and inhale , richness, Warmth and the soaring aroma of this Healthy drink.
  • Drink it Luke warm , About 30 minutes before your planned bedtime. For Better Stamina and Vitality

Healthy supplement

  • Add Achal Organic Ashwagandha root powder in Any of your favorite Drink, Smoothie or milk shake
  • To Experience Maximum benefits Consume This Before or After Workout .
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