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Chyawanprasha is a delicious nutritive jam that has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years, offering a wide range of health benefits . Radha chyawanprash is a blend of more than 40 natural and precious herbs and Pure Desi Cow Ghee. This Pure Channel of mixture was given a natural taste. RADHA CHYWANPRASHA AWALEHA is enriched with high amount of VITAMIN – C . It is been formulated to restore youth to the elderly sage . The core or base ingredient used in it is awla or amalki. Hence it is also an very good antioxidant.

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  • 1. ALL SEASON PRODUCT :- It has been heard that intake of chyawanprash is only good in winter season, But RADHA CHYAWANPRASH has different benefits for different season and is all season friendly.
  • 2. SURETY OF ORIGINALITY :- We use all the herbs in the bestest form available.
  • Fresh Awla was being picked from farms at the time when they were in the most beneficial stage.
  • 3. ALL AGE ADAPTABLE :- It is now possible to give complete protection from different disease to your whole family.
  • From a Kid going school to the most experienced person of your family – It is the health booster for all of them!
  • 4. Multi uses:- Radha Chyawanprash has number of uses as it is being formulated to maintain the overall health of our body.
  • 5. HABITUAL TASTE :- Because taste plays such an important role in the digestive process and signals the body to initiate its own supportive mechanisms it has been given an mouth watering taste so that mom’s now not need to take more stress.
  • As a delicious jam,RADHA chyawanprash offers those who use it the full experience of taste.
  • Its taste is the another reason to love RADHA CHYAWANPRASH.

How to use?:-

  • The usual dosage of Radha chyawanprash for adults is 2 to 4 spoons in morning before breakfast (i.e empty stomach) and before bedtime.
  • Radha Chyawanprash can be taken alone, it can be stirred into milk or water, or it can be spread on toast, bread, or crackers—like any other jam.


  • 1.Rejuvenates all tissues in the body :-
    • RADHA Chyawanprash enhances natural resilience and gives all strength, energy and vitality.
    • As a result, this is a highly respected rasayana that nourishes deep tissue, protects youth, and promotes systemic health and well-being.


    • It provides strength to fight with diseases by improving immunity power in your body.

    3. Get rid of wrinkles :-

    • Radha chyawanprash is rich in anti-oxidants, and rejenuvating herbs and hence it delays the ageing process of cells and also improves the nutritional levels of body tissues.

    4. Dont get afraid of winters:-

    • Its regular use will keep you away from cold-cough, allergies etc. and will improve immunity power.

    5. Provides overall strength :-

    • It support the body’s natural ability to produce hemoglobin and white blood cells.
    • Amalaki (the main ingredient in radha chyawanprash) aids in the elimination of ama (toxins) and supports the blood, the liver, the spleen, and the respiratory system; it therefore nourishes and protects the body’s natural defense systems and works as a whole.

    6. Pertect start of the day:-

    • RADHA CHYAWANPRASH brings your body a fresh kind of passion,excitement and enthusiasm towards your milestones.


Its Traditional benefits :-

  • 1. PARAMUKTO RASAYANA :- Best rejuvenators and anti ageing medicine.
  • 2. KASA – Cold, cough
  • 3. SHWASA – Asthama,respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing.
  • 3. KSHATAKSHEENA :- Chest injury
  • 4. SVARAKSHYA :- Voice problems
  • 5. UROROGA :- Chest disorders
  • 6. HRUDROGA:- Cardiac disorders
  • 7. VATASHONITA:- Gout
  • 8. PIPASA:- Excessive thirst
  • 9. MUTRODOSHA:- Urinary tract disorders.
  • 10. SHUKRA DOSHA:- Semen, sperm anomalies.
  • In women, it improves the chances of fertility.

PRECAUTIONS during periods by womens :-

  • IF the periods are normal with moderate bleeding, Radha chyawanprash can continued during periods.
  • But if the bleeding is heavy, it is recommended to avoid it only during periods.

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